From Humble Beginnings

Martin Hare started out as a young lad helping his dad on a stall in Rawson Market in the school holidays.  His father Thomas had started out on the stall at a similar age to Martin working for the then owners.  Liking what he saw, Thomas eventually took over the stall around the age of 20 and graced the isle of Rawson Market for many years and became a well know butcher.

Into Farming

Deciding which way to go in his career Martin decided being a butcher and following in his Father's footsteps was not for him and preferred getting his hands dirty farming, this was to become his life.  Martin started farming pigs and cows to supply to his Dad in Rawson Market and his love for this life grew and that’s how he found himself where he is today.

Selling His Wares

Lane End Farm has always been Martins home, he grow up on the site and after a brief move away he returned to the home he grow up in and now lives there with his wife Arlene.  The couple knew this was to be the ideal location for their empire to grow.

The Birth of Lane End Farm Shop

Martin & Arlene opened Lane End Farm Shop and traded from a van based in the farm's car park.  Due to the popularity and reputation for supplying some of the best meat around they soon started to out grow the van and in 2008 they decided to apply for planning permission to expand and once granted development began.

Since then Martin and Arlene have worked tremendously hard to get where they are today and are now proud owners of a fantastic Farm Shop which is a joy to manage and is a joy to visit for all their customers and their families.

They welcome with open arms customers old and new to come and enjoy what they have created.


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