Meats & Poultry

Meat Quality & Standards
All our meats & Poultry are either reared at Lane End Farm or provided by local farmers.  In all cases, the highest of animal welfare standards are maintained at all times.  
Our animal feed is also fully traceable as we believe it is important that you know exactly where your food comes from and to know that the animals have only been fed a natural diet.

Our Beef and Lamb
All our Beef & Lamb are reared on site, here at Lane End Farm in Tong, Bradford. 

Our Poultry
All our Poultry is supplied by Nidderdale Poultry from Pately Bridge along with Clarke Meats of Huddresfield.

Our Pork
All our Pork is produced from Stephen French’s Farm at West Tanfield in Ripon.


Our BBQ Meat Menu Offers

  • burgers ONLY 85p each or 10 for £7.50
  • 5lb of Sausage £11.50
  • 5lb of Minced Steak £13.30


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